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For Immediate Release: January 22, 1996
Media Contact: Claudia Chandler -- 916 - 654 - 4989

Reformulated Gasoline Information Available on Internet

SACRAMENTO -- Beginning this spring, California oil refineries will begin producing a cleaner-burning gasoline to help reduce air pollution. This reformulated gasoline (RFG) will be on sale at all California service stations by June 1996.

In order to assist reporters who are tracking the transition to this cleaner-burning gasoline, the California Energy Commission has added a special page to "Access Energy," the Commission's Internet site on the World Wide Web.

The site includes the latest analyses from the Commission on RFG supply and demand. The analyses will be updated regularly and as situations warrant. The site also includes an extensive question and answer and fact section on California's cleaner-burning gasoline.

The page on RFG can be reached at the following "address" on the Internet:

Reporters wishing to be advised whenever a new update is placed on the Internet should send an e-mail message to . Reporters without Internet access can receive the updates by mail by sending a letter of request to:

The Commission's Internet site "Access Energy" contains comprehensive information about energy in California. The web site, maintained by the Commission's Media & Public Communications Office, has been on-line since December 1994 and is visited each week by thousands of researchers, reporters, energy professionals and the general public.

California Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline is part of the California Air Resources Board's plan to reduce air pollution. CARB says that "cleaner-burning gasoline will provide one of the largest emission reductions in California's long fight against smog by reducing smog-forming emissions from motors vehicles by 15 percent. This is equivalent to removing 3.5 million cars from California's roads and freeways."

For more information about cleaner-burning gasoline, contact CARB's Public Information Office at 916-322-2990. For information about California RFG supply and demand issues and about the Energy Commission's Internet web site, contact Commission Assistant Executive Director Claudia Chandler at 916-654-4989.

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