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California Alternative Fuel Vehicle Partnership
To Hold Second Annual Forum In Conjunction
With Two Other Major Environmental Expos

Mark Your Calendar and reserve April 10 to 12, 1996, for the Second Annual California Alternative Fuel Vehicle Partnership (CAFVP) Forum. This year, the Forum will be held in Los Angeles at the L.A. Convention Center and will combine with two other major environmental events.

Joining CAFVP will be the California Fleet Operators' Exposition, which has been held the past five years in Long Beach. And as an added bonus, the CAFVP and the Fleet Expo will precede ECO EXPO, the largest environmental trade show on the West Coast. Attendees and exhibitors at the Forum will be able to attend ECO EXPO at no charge on Friday, April 12, 1996.

The Forum and its agenda are produced by CAFVP. The program will feature an exposition of alternatively fueled vehicles...including a ride and drive to allow fleet operators first hand experience of the latest in clean, alternative fuel vehicles.

Co-sponsors of the Forum include the California Energy Commission, the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (CNGVC), the California Electric Transportation Coalition, the U.S. Department of Energy, California Departments of Transportation and General Services, and the state's three largest air quality management districts representing the Los Angeles area, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.

For more information about, or to register for the California Alternative Fuel Vehicle Partnership Forum, please contact:

For information about being an exhibitor at this major alternative fuel vehicle event, contact Jerry Ribinick of Interchange Energy at 800-427-3976.

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