News Release from Assemblyman Bruce McPherson

Bruce McPherson

Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties

News Release                               Contact: Pete Montgomery
April 25, 1996                                      (408)  425-1503

State Loan Provides Carmel Unified School District

With Energy Efficiency Improvements

(Sacramento) -- Assemblyman Bruce McPherson announced that the Carmel Unified School District will install energy-efficient lighting and make otherenergy improvements to all its schools, thanks to a $400,000 low-interest loan approved by the California Energy Commission.

The improvements will save the district nearly $63,000 a year on its utility bills.

"The Carmel Unified School District will cut its yearly utility bill by an estimated 28 percent with these projects," said McPherson. "In a little more than six years, the district will have saved enough on its utility bills to pay for the entire project, and the local school district will enjoy cost savings for years to come."

Most of the energy savings will come from replacing outdated lighting in many schools and the district's offices. "This project represents the first major, district-wide energy upgrade for Carmel Unified," said Judith Long, Director of Business Services for the district. "As a result, our schools will be brighter and more comfortable, even as we reduce our energy bills."

The $400,000 low-interest loan from the California Energy Commission is made through the Energy Conservation Assistance Act, which funds low-interest loans to local governments, schools and other agencies willing to invest in energy efficiency. An energy audit of the school was provided through the Bright Schools Program, established in 1986 to help finance energy-saving projects for small- to medium-sized schools.

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For additional information, contact:

Judith Long, Director, Business Services
Carmel Unified School District (408) 624-1546, ext. 22

Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director
California Energy Commission, (916) 654-4989