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For Immediate Release: May 15, 1996
Media Contact: Claudia Chandler -- 916 - 654 - 4989

Irvine's Community Development Department
Honored With State's ACES Award

The Community Development Department of the city of Irvine has received an ACES Award from the California Energy Commission for creatively encouraging the efficient use of energy.

The ACES Award, which stands for "Assuring Compliance with the Energy Standards," was presented by Energy Commissioner David A. Rohy to Robert Johnson, Community Development Director, and Bob Storchheim, Irvine's Chief Building Official, at the Irvine City Council Meeting, Tuesday evening, May 14.

Commissioner Rohy complimented Robert Johnson and Irvine's Community Development Department for "being strongly proactive for energy efficiency. Their innovative plan check and inspection procedures, and their comprehensive quality control program have made their compliance efforts extremely successful. They not only provide the public with information bulletins that explain energy conservation measures, but they hold energy efficiency briefings for architects, developers and home builders to show them how to comply with the regulations.

"The Department also hires staff to research and develop new ways to save energy, such as central energy production centers that will conserve energy for new villages. Without a doubt, Irvine is one of the state's most enthusiastic supporters of energy efficiency building standards," said Rohy.

1995 was the first year of the ACES Award program. From more than 500 building departments throughout California, Irvine was one of only 20 jurisdictions selected for an award.

Bob Raymer, Technical Director of the California Building Industry Association, added his congratulations to the ACES Award-winning jurisdictions. "Effective building departments help California builders in their quest for quality construction. By fostering consistency and a sense of teamwork, these jurisdictions work with builders to make today's buildings more energy efficient and more comfortable than older ones."

Since energy efficiency building regulations went into effect in 1978, the Energy Commission estimates that Californians have reduced their utility bills by at least $11.4 billion. The Commission predicts that by the year 2011, residents of the state will save an additional $43 billion in energy costs.

"Innovative jurisdictions like Irvine are helping to protect California's energy future," said Rohy.

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