State Assemblyman
Tom J. Bordonaro, Jr.
33rd District
San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara Counties

July 15, 1996                                                    Contact: Bill Winter
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                   805-549-3381


SACRAMENTO -- Assemblyman Tom Bordonaro (R - Paso Robles) announced that the Building Division of the City of Lompoc will receive an ACES Award from the California Energy Commission. The award will be in recognition of the division's efforts to creatively encourage the efficient use of energy.

The ACES Award, which stands for "Assuring Compliance with the Energy Standards," will be presented by to Ed Penna, Lompoc's Building Official, at the Lompoc City Council meeting Tuesday evening, July 16. The presentation will be made by Ross Deter, the Energy Commission's Deputy Director for Energy Efficiency.

"Lompoc's Building Division has shown a strong, positive attitude towards California's energy efficient building standards," explained Bordonaro. "The division's staff members understand energy efficiency and can communicate its importance to builders. As a result, they are helping to lower utility bills and to bolster Lompoc's economy in the process."

Since energy efficient building regulations went into effect in 1978, the Energy Commission estimates that Californians have reduced their utility bills by at least $11.4 billion. The Commission predicts that by the year 2011, residents of the state will save an additional $43 billion in energy costs.

"Saving energy is good for the entire state," added Bordonaro. "I'm delighted that Lompoc was chosen to receive this award. The fact that they are one of only 20 jurisdictions selected to receive an award from the more than 500 building department statewide says a lot. I'm pleased to add my congratulations to the City of Lompoc, to the City Council and to the city employees who made this possible."

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