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Contact: Pilar Onate                            RELEASE DATE: August 20, 1996
         State Capitol, Room 4039
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State Loan Provides Whittier Area Schools
With Energy Efficiency Savings

Senator Charles Calderon (D-Montebello) announced that the Los Nietos Elementary School District in Whittier will soon cut its yearly energy bill by 23 percent, thanks to energy improvements funded by a $147,100 loan from the California Energy Commission.

"The district will save more than $23,300 a year on utilities at Aeolian, Nelson, and Rancho Elementary Schools as well as the district's offices," said Senator Calderon. "Just from the energy savings generated, the district can recover the cost of the loan in only six and a half years. The schools will reap the benefits of efficiency for years to come."

After undergoing energy audits through the Energy Commission's Bright Schools program, the district identified six lighting projects at its elementary schools. At all three campuses, interior and exterior incandescent lights will be replaced with energy efficient compact fluorescents, metal halide and high pressure sodium models. Outdated hanging fixtures in classrooms will be changed to more efficient fluorescent fixtures, and older fluorescents will be retrofitted with new lamps with electronic ballasts.

Old inefficient air conditioners at the district offices will be replaced with high efficiency heat pumps. Bare hot water pipes will be insulated at all three schools, and the water heating system will be replaced in the kitchen at Aeolian Elementary.

Serving over 2,000 students, the Los Nietos Elementary School District operates three elementary schools teaching grades kindergarten through five, and Los Nietos Middle School, with grades six through eight. All the schools are in Whittier, with the exception of Rancho Elementary, located in Santa Fe Springs.

Low-interest funding from the Energy Commission is made through the Bright Schools/Energy Conservation Assistance Act. The goal of the program is to reduce energy consumption and cost in public and private nonprofit schools and hospitals, local governments, special districts and public care institutions willing to invest in energy efficiency.

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For more information, contact:

Michael Curran, Assistant Superintendent,
Los Nietos Elementary School District, (310) 692-0271 extension 223

Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director,
California Energy Commission (916) 654-4989