For Immediate Release: August 26, 1996
Media Contact: Claudia Chandler -- 916 - 654-4989

State Loan Provides Gridley Schools
With Energy Efficiency Savings

Schools in Gridley will reduce their yearly energy bills by 23 percent, thanks to energy improvements funded by a loan from the California Energy Commission.

"Combined, the Gridley Union and Gridley Union High School Districts will save almost $34,600 a year on utilities," said Energy Commissioner Jananne Sharpless.

The Gridley Union School District received an $85,370 low-interest loan to convert incandescent lights to more efficient fluorescent models. Existing fluorescents will be replaced with more efficient models and fixtures using electronic ballasts in the classrooms of the district's McKinley Elementary, Wilson and Sycamore Schools. Exterior light fixtures will be converted to high pressure sodium and metal halide models.

"The three schools will save over $13,000 in yearly energy costs. From the utility savings alone, the district can repay the Energy Commissio'Ős loan in six and a half years," said Sharpless. "Gridley Union Schools will also benefit from lower maintenance expenses and improved lighting quality. and the energy savings will continue for years to come."

The Gridley Union High School District is receiving a $95,100 energy loan to do similar lighting conversions at the high school campus. It can also repay its loan in six and a half years from the savings on its utility bills.

Although the two school districts are separate, they share a common administration. Lighting projects for both districts were identified through energy audits offered through the Energy Commission's Bright Schools program, whose goal is to reduce energy consumption and cost in public schools willing to invest in energy efficiency.

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For more information, contact:
Stephen Fiss, Superintendent, Gridley Union
and Gridley Union High School Districts,
(916) 846-4721

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