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For Immediate Release: October 1, 1996
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Access Energy Adds New Feature
To Mark Energy Awareness Month

From an upstart to an award-winning Internet site on the World Wide Web, Access Energy, (, the California Energy Commission's Homepage, observes Energy Awareness Month in October with a launch of new features.

Access Energy and its safe and popular children's corner, Energy Quest, have been spruced up to include a consumers' assistance button, a calendar poster contest for young artists, a lineup of new scientific games and puzzles, and an on-line quiz show.

The fresh complement of hands-on and "downloadable" materials is in addition to its existing features, including historic and up-to-date energy data, energy issues and breakthroughs, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, and its popular energy education entries such as "Poor Richard's Energy Almanac," "The Energy Story," "The Energy Patrol," "Science Projects," "Energy Safety" and "Percy's Puzzles."

Barely two years old, Access Energy has garnered several awards, including a fourstar rating and a"Top Five Percent of all Web Sites" designation from reputable Internet guides. An educational publishing giant gave Energy Quest, which debuted last October, a "Best of the Net Science Award," and a major daily newspaper reviewed and stamped it with a "spectacular" five star rating.

"Our Internet site has educated, entertained and fascinated thousands of visitors of all ages," said Energy Commission Chairman Charles Imbrecht.

"It will continue to become a wellspring of energy information, a must-see for grade and high schoolers, college students, energy analysts, government officials and other who want to benefit from the only cyberspace stop dedicated solely to energy education."

New children's features now on line include:

Winners of the contest will receive educational prizes. Their artwork will be featured on Energy Quest and on the Commission's 1997 calendar which can be downloaded from the Internet. Deadline for submission of entries is October 31, 1996.

Also new for October is a consumer button loaded with energy saving tips from proper appliance use to the right windows and doors for the home and office.

To be unveiled later in the month are a children's energy serial with a twist of suspense, written in the style of Goosebumps author R. L. Stine. And, in tune with California's changing energy landscape, Access Energy will offer a breezy, easy-to-read explanation with artwork of the state's electric industry restructuring and what it means to consumers.

Overall, Access Energy will continue to make significant Commission documents and reports available on the Internet.

To borrow a quote from the Magellan Internet Guide, "If gas prices skyrocket, this site addresses it; if solar tax credits are implemented, the site explains them."

Access Energy welcomes new cyberspace explorers. Join the fun during Energy Awareness Month and throughout the year at:

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