For Immediate Release: March 11, 1997
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Carmel Unified School District
Receives Award for Energy Savings

Carmel Unified School District will receive a prestigious "Bright Schools Partnership Program Energy Management Award" from the California Energy Commission at the District's School Board Meeting on Thursday evening, March 13, 1997.

"As a result of recent energy improvements made over the past year, the district has cut its utility bills by more than $63,500 a year, " said Stephen Rhoads, Energy Commission Executive Director. "That's why Carmel Unified School District is being recognized for its firm commitment to reducing energy use and saving taxpayer money."

The District recently completed lighting improvements and other energy efficiency projects at all eight of its schools, using mostly a $400,000 Energy Commission loan made available through the Bright Schools Program.

State Senator Bruce McPherson and Assemblyman Fred Keeley co-signed a congratulatory letter on behalf of the California legislature that pays tribute to the cost-cutting, energy-saving efforts of the District. "By upgrading outdated lighting equipment, Carmel Unified cut its yearly energy bill by an estimated 28 percent," said Assemblyman Keeley.

"In approximately six years, Carmel Unified will have saved enough on its energy bills to pay for the entire project, and the financial benefits will continue for years to come," said Senator McPherson.

The District serves approximately 2,300 students and covers almost 600 square miles. Its eight schools vary in size from Captain Cooper Elementary which has 80 students in Big Sur, to Carmel High School with nearly 630 students.

On behalf of the Energy Commission, Rhoads will present the award to the District at its Board Meeting. The resolution salutes Carmel Unified School District for its "firm commitment to energy conservation" and commends Judith Long, District Director of Business and Support Services, and Dr. Joseph Jaconette, District Superintendent, for working diligently "to improve classroom comfort for students and teachers."

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