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California's Second Annual Clean Power Day
May 19, 1997


California's second annual Clean Power Day will showcase renewable energy and energy efficiency and energy efficiency companies in a one-day energy exhibition. The day's activities will feature imposing solar, wind and photovoltaic technology exhibits. A ceremony at noon is designed to inform consumers about new clean power choices in a restructured California electricity market and the formation of a new Working Group to establish criteria and standards for a "green labeling" verification program. Mid-day entertainment will be provided by the solar-powered music of the Rick Lotter Jazz Ensemble.


9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday, May 19, 1997


L Street side of the State Capitol Grounds, Sacramento, California


Representatives of California's clean energy companies will showcase cutting-edge technologies that reduce electricity use and generate electricity from wind, solar, geotheral, biomass, and from state-of-the-art fuel cells. Consumers can learn first hand about how these technologies work, and meet with representatives of companies that will be providing "green electricity" to Californians beginning in January of next year.

About 35 sponsors are participating in Clean Power Day 97. A partial list includes: Atlantis Energy Systems, BP Solar, CalEnergy Company, California Energy Commission, California Solar Energy Industry Association, CALPINE, Cannon Energy, Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, Center for Resource Solutions, Enron Renewable Energy Corp., Environmental Defense Fund, ESI Energy, Geothermal Energy Association, Green Mountain Energy Resources, Independent Energy Producers, Kern Wind Energy Association, KJC Operating Company, Natural Resources Defense Council, ONSI Corporation, Oxbow Geothermal Corporation, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Seawest Energy Corporation, Sierra Club, Solarex, Union of Concerned Scientists, Unocal Corporation, UAE Energy Operations Corporation, Utility Power Group, U.S. Department of Energy/National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Western Power Company, Working Assets and Zond Corporation.


Clean Power Day 97 is held to emphasize the benefits of clean renewable and energy efficiency power sources. These benefits include jobs, cleaner air and security in futurepower supply.

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