For immediate release: July 1, 1997
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California Energy Companies, Foreign Governments
'Network' With On-line Directory

Believing that instant information is a powerful business link between California-based energy companies and emerging nations, the Energy Commission, via its Internet site Access Energy, recently unveiled an on-line data base that searches its Directory of California Energy Companies.

The directory lists nearly 700 California energy companies interested in exporting energy-related goods and services and is distributed in print form to potential international customers and other interested parties. It is often requested by foreign delegations taking part in reverse trade missions and briefings organized by the Energy Commission to introduce the state's energy technology companies to potential overseas buyers.

With the click of a button, the directory can now be searched by energy decision makers worldwide, especially those in the economic hotbeds of Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. The on-line directory can be accessed on the World Wide Web at:

The easy-to-use data base features a pull-down menu that allows browsers to refine searches for desired companies. Each company's products or services are matched with any or all the following criteria: biomass, electric vehicles, financial services, natural gas, solar thermal, coal, energy efficiency, geotheral, petroleum, wind, cogeneration, environmental, hydroelectric and photovoltaics.

"California energy companies cover the whole spectrum of the energy business," said Energy Commission Vice Chair David Rohy. "The on-line directory gives foreign energy policy makers an instantaneous road map of what California has to offer vis-a-vis their needs for energy related goods and services."

The directory, printed every two years is based on an extensive survey of the state's energy companies. The Commission is in the process of automating the entire survey and database so that each company can update its listing through the Internet regularly rather than yearly. This will be done through an interactive form that the company can fill out and submit to the Commission electronically.


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