For Immediate Release: July 30, 1997
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Chula Vista Garners Second ACES Award

For the second year in a row, the city of Chula Vista will receive an ACES Award from the California Energy Commission for encouraging energy efficiency in local buildings.

The ACES Award, which stands for "Assuring Compliance with the Energy Standards," will be presented by Greg Newhouse, Executive Director of the San Diego Regional Energy Resource Office to Kenneth G. Larsen, Director of Building and Housing at the Chula Vista City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 5, at 4 p.m.

This year's ACES award recognizes Phase Two of Chula Vista's Carbon Dioxide Reduction Program. In partnership with the San Diego Gas and Electric Company, the city's Building and Housing Department conducted training for builders and energy consultants about the importance of energy conservation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from buildings.The training sessions are designed to stimulate efficient energy use and help the city's goal of cutting carbon dioxide emissions in half by the year 2010.

Energy Commission Vice Chair David Rohy said: "The city's knowledge of the energy standards, combined with the understanding of energy efficiency concepts and new technology is leading the way toward improving occupant comfort in commercial and residential buildings while lowering utility bills."

Out of 500 building departments throughout California, Chula Vista is one of only 14 jurisdictions to receive a 1996 ACES Award.

Peter Guisasola, President of the California Building Officials, said ACES Award--winning jurisdictions "represent outstanding building departments that work with builders to make consumer protection a priority." Guisasola added: "Their dedication helps ensure quality construction and make today's buildings increasingly energy--efficient and comfortable."

Since energy efficiency building regulations went into effect in 1978, the Energy Commission estimates that Californians have reduced their utility bills by at least $11.4 billion. The Commission predicts that by the year 2011, residents of the state will save an additional $43 billion in energy costs.

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