For immediate release: August 14, 1997
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Appliance Consumers Can Find
Energy Efficient Choices On the Internet

Thanks to a new on-line database, consumers can now easily locate and compare energy efficient appliances by using the Internet.

A service of the California Energy Commission, the Appliance Efficiency Database ranks the most energy-efficient appliances available, regardless of brand.

"The Commission offers a fair, objective look at energy efficient appliances, without endorsing any single manufacturer or product," said Stephen M. Rhoads, the Energy Commission's Executive Director. "At present, our Web site is the only place all this information can be quickly located."

The database ranks high efficiency central air conditioners, heat pumps, central gas furnaces, room air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and, in a very California touch, wine chillers.

Entries are arranged by the most energy efficient, based on the lowest average electricity consumption. To be included, appliances must exceed the California and national appliance efficiency standards by at least 10 percent. "Right now, some appliance categories may not have models that exceed these standards," said Rhoads.

The service is designed to be user friendly, and web users can click on a number of simple graphics to help them refine their search. Those looking for the most efficient refrigerator-freezers, for example, can choose among drawings of bottom freezer models, various-sized top freezer models, small kitchen-unit models, and an array of side-by-side models with various capacities and features.

Selecting the 25-cubic-foot capacity or larger side-by-side refrigerator-freezer with ice through the door brings up nearly 90 models. The most efficient are several models and brands that exceed the energy standard by over 38 percent and, based on electricity rates of 11.5 cents per kilowatt hour, have estimated energy costs of roughly $74 a year.

The database can give efficiency information for specific model numbers. "We update the service every two weeks with new models and current information," said Rhoads.

The Energy-Efficient Appliance Data Base can be found at:


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