For Immediate Release: August 28, 1997
Media Contact: Eric Wong -- 916 654-4996

Energy Business Movers and Shakers To
Speak at CADER Conference

A public-private alliance seeking to bolster the impact of backup or distributed power sources in a deregulated electric industry meets in San Diego September 15-17.

The volunteer group - California Alliance for Distributed Energy Resources - has lined up movers and shakers of the energy industry to speak before participants at the Catamaran Hotel Resort on San Diego's Mission Bay.

Among the confirmed speakers are California Energy Commission Chairman William J. Keese and Vice Chairman David A. Rohy; U. S. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary Denise Swink; ENOVA Chairman Tom Page; Solar Turbines, Inc. President Don Ings; Electrical Power Research Institute President and Chief Executive Officer Kurt Yeager; New Energy Ventures Chief Executive Officer Mike Peevey; Arizona Corporations Commissioner Renz Jennings; Gas Research Institute Manager Dr. Robert Meyer; Natural Resources Defense Council Senior Attorney Ralph Cavanagh; and Rocky Mountain Institute Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Amory Lovins.

While California businesses try to decipher the complexity of AB 1890, the state law deregulating the electricity market, CADER conferees will examine the role of small, on-site power sources employing cutting-edge technologies, such as photovoltaics, fuel cells and advanced turbine systems, in providing reliable alternatives to total reliance on the Western Region's expansive, grid-based electric power structure. The conference will also explore a myriad of market, regulatory and environmental issues resulting from the frenzy of deregulation.

Information about the CADER conference, titled Distributed Resources: Addressin gthe Callenges, can be found on the California Energy Commission's Web Page. For additional CADER conference information, contact Connie Bruins at the California Energy Commission by telephone at (916) 654-4545 or by e-mail at

Date Mailed: August 28, 1997