For Immediate Release: October 8, 1997
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Grant Boosts San Joaquin Clean Corridor Project --
The Nation's Largest Clean Fuel Truck Initiative

The California Energy Commission has voted to spend a federal grant of $200,000 to launch the San Joaquin Valley Clean Corridor Project (CCP), the largest clean fuel truck project in the United States.

Of the total grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), $175,000 will be directed to the non-profit Fresno Regional Foundation to help fund the $4.2 million project. The remaining $25,000 will go to Gladstein & Associates, the project administrator.

Funding partners for the San Joaquin Valley CCP include the California Legislature which passed a $600,000 appropriation authored by Senator Jim Costa (D-Fresno), other government agencies, local air quality districts and private investors.

"Benefits foreseen from the project include the annual displacement of over a million gallons of diesel fuel and the reduction of about 70 tons of nitrogen oxide and about a ton of particulate matter emissions,"said Energy Commissioner Jananne Sharpless. "That's the equivalent of removing 18,000 gasoline-fueled cars from the freeways near Fresno and Bakersfield, which rank only behind Los Angeles as the worst air-polluted metropolitan areas in the U.S."

The San Joaquin Valley CCP is a part of the overall project known as the Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor (ICTC). The ICTC hopes to build an infrastructure for alternative fuel coverage along 2,000 miles of the nation's busiest interstate highways connecting California with Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Once completed, the ICTC will link Clean Cities/Regions throughout the Western United States.

On a more localized front, the San Joaquin Valley CCP is targeted to develop three publicly-accessible liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling stations in Fresno, Tulare and Coalinga for use by natural gas-fueled trucks plying Highway 99 and Interstate 5, and to put up to 66 LNG fleet trucks on the road.

The San Joaquin Valley enterprise marks the largest known deployment of clean, alternative fuel heavy duty trucks in the United States and will open the first public LNG refueling facilities between Sacramento and Los Angeles. The San Joaquin CCP will serve as the fueling linchpin joining Northern and Southern California, making it possible for long-haul natural gas trucks to transport goods throughout the state.

Initiated by Gladstein and Associates in 1996, the larger ICTC seeks to commercialize alternative fuels in the highway movement of goods between the states while reducing dependence on petroleum fuels and air pollution.

The ICTC project came to fruition with the sponsorship of the DOE, the California Energy Commission, Air Resources Board, South Coast Air Quality Management District, San Bernardino Associated Governments, Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Sierra Pacific Power Company, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Southern California Association of Governments.

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