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Both Redding and Siskiyou County
honored with state's ACES Awards

On Tuesday, June 2, Redding's Building Division and Siskiyou County's Building Department will each receive ACES Awards from the California Energy Commission for creatively encouraging the efficient use of energy.

Chief Building Inspector Bob Fiock will receive Siskiyou County's award at the County Board of Supervisor's meeting in Yreka at 2:45 p.m. Bill Nagel, Building Official for Redding, will accept the City's second ACES Award-which stands for "Assuring Compliance with the Energy Standards"-at the City Council meeting in Redding at 7:00 p.m.

Both awards will be presented by Valerie Hall, Office Manager of the Energy Commission's Residential Buildings and Appliance Office in Sacramento. From more than 500 building departments throughout California, Redding and Siskiyou County were two of only six jurisdictions selected for a 1997 ACES Award, leading Hall to compliment each of them for their thorough performance.

"Because Bill Nagel and his staff take great pride in promoting energy awareness in the City of Redding, the Energy Commission presented them with their first ACES Award in 1996," she said. "We selected them again this year, in honor of their excellent record for making energy information available to local builders, designers, and building and home owners. Counter staff and inspectors routinely provide handouts explaining how energy efficient construction leads to cost savings and increased comfort. Staff members take continuing education classes to stay up-to-date on the most recent energy requirements, and the Division has a plan checker dedicated solely to verifying energy calculations to make sure designs meet or exceed the standards. Bill and his Redding staff truly believe in providing their customers with the best service possible."

Siskiyou County's Building Department was singled out for the outstanding way it encouraged energy efficiency over a large, sparsely settled area. "Chief Building Inspector Bob Fiock has driven long distances to attend Energy Commission meetings, workshops and focus groups, making sure the energy concerns and requirements of Siskiyou County's residents are recognized," Hall stated. "Bob's dedication in enforcing all building codes is well known throughout the state, and his staff is thorough, competent and hard working when it comes to the energy efficiency standards. They successfully encourage the use of less energy in both commercial and residential buildings, which ultimately means more money stays in Siskiyou County, helping to bolster the local economy."

Dan Chudy, President of the California Building Officials, added his congratulations to the ACES Award-winning jurisdictions. "Winners of this year's ACES Award represent outstanding building departments that work with builders to make consumer protection a priority. Their dedication helps to ensure quality construction and makes today's buildings increasingly energy-efficient and comfortable."

Since energy efficiency building regulations went into effect in 1978, the Energy Commission estimates that Californians have reduced their utility bills by at least $15.8 billion. The Commission predicts that by the year 2011, residents of the state will save an additional $43 billion in energy costs.

"Innovative jurisdictions like Redding and Siskiyou are helping to protect California's energy future," said Hall.

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