For Immediate Release: July 15, 1998
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Fourth Power Project Proposed Since June 97

Energy Commission Asked to Review Plans for Kern County Power Plant

Sacramento- A $500 million power plant is being proposed for a 24-acre site near the town of McKittrick in Kern County. Plans for construction and operation of the 1,050-megawatt project have been brought to the Energy Commission for licensing review.

The 1,050-megawatt project, located approximately 35 miles west of Bakersfield, would be built and operated by La Paloma Generating Company. The natural gas-fired project consists of four combustion turbine generators, four heat recovery generators, and from two to four steam turbines.

Plans for the plant must be reviewed by the California Energy Commission to ensure they comply with provisions of the Warren-Alquist Act and the California Environmental Quality Act before the applicant receives a license to construct and operate the electricity generation facility. Once the plan is deemed complete enough to review, the process takes 12 months.

The La Paloma Generating Project is the fourth proposal brought to the Energy Commission for review since June of last year. Power plant developers ranging from independent entrepreneurial firms to a public/private partnership have sought to license other projects in Sutter, San Bernardino and Contra Costa counties.

These three projects are currently under review:

Additional projects are being proposed, although plans have not yet been filed with the Energy Commission for review. These include:

Information on the New Technologies Account Auction will be available on the California Energy Commission's Web Site at:

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