For Immediate Release: August 26, 1998
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Kern County Power Plant Begins Siting Process

Sacramento - The California Energy Commission today voted to begin reviewing plans for a $500 million, 1,048-megawatt project near the town of McKittrick in Kern County.

Today's action marks the start of a 12-month process during which the Commission ensures that construction and operation of the natural gas-fired power plant will comply with provisions of the Warren–Alquist Act and the California Environmental Quality Act.

The plant has been proposed for licensing by the La Paloma Generating Company. The project would consist of four combustion turbine generators, four heat recovery generators, and from two to four steam turbines.

The project's application estimates commercial operation to begin in mid-2001, creating more than 450 jobs during construction and 35 permanent jobs at the 23-acre site upon completion.

At today's Business Meeting, the Energy Commission also assigned Commissioner Robert Laurie as the Presiding Member of the La Paloma power plant licensing committee, with Vice Chairman David Rohy serving as the Associate Member.

The La Paloma Generating Project is the fourth proposal brought to the Energy Commission for review since June, 1997. Power plant developers ranging from independent entrepreneurial firms to a public/private partnership have sought to license other projects in Sutter, San Bernardino and Contra Costa counties.

These three other projects are currently under review:

The Energy Commission's Web Site offers information on the La Paloma Project at:

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