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July 22, 1999

Dear Editor / Publisher:

If your publication, radio or television station offers a calendar of community events, you may wish to include news of the following workshop.

Energy Commission staff has scheduled a data adequacy workshop to discuss the proposed 1206-megawatt Moss Landing Power Plant Project. The workshop will be held:

TUESDAY, July 27, 1999
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
California Energy Commission
3rd Floor Conference Room
1516 Ninth Street
Sacramento, California
(wheelchair accessible)

This project is proposed to be located at the existing Moss Landing Power Plant site that was previously operated by PG&E for about 50 years. The site is located at the intersection of Highway 1 and Dolan Road, east of the community of Moss Landing near the Moss Landing Harbor.

The project, as proposed by Duke Energy Power Services, is a modernization of the Moss Landing power generating facility. The project consists of replacing the existing electric power generation Units 1-5 with two natural gas-fired, combined cycle, units. Each combined cycle unit consists of two natural gasĐfired combustion turbine generators, two unfired heat recovery steam generators and a reheat, condensing steam turbine generator. Each combined cycle unit will use seawater for once-through cooling.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions during the workshop. Those who wish further information about how to participate should contact Roberta Mendonca, the CommissionŐs Public Adviser, at (916) 654-4489 or toll free at (800) 822-6228 or e-mail her at

The CommissionŐs Web Site contains current information on the proposed project at:

Please contact me at (916) 654-4989 if you prefer to have your name removed from our mailing list. Thank you.


Mary Ann Costamagna
Information Officer

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