For immediate release: July 23, 1999
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Energy Commission's Gas Complaint Line Ready for Consumer Calls

A telephone number for consumers to register their complaints about gasoline has been established by the California Energy Commission.

The number - 1-800-CEC-4685 - can be called toll-free inside California.

Staff at the Energy Commission's Call Center will record consumers' names and zip codes and compile the information for Governor Davis' Office. The staff will also answer consumer questions regarding gasoline prices and supplies.

Gasoline consumption is up an estimated two percent as California enters the peak of its tourist-driving season. Even though increased demand and tight supplies caused by refinery problems have caused fuel prices to increase, the Commission suggests several ways for drivers to save money. The simplest tip is to purchase gasoline from the station with the lowest price. Gasoline fuel efficiency can also be improved through proper maintenance, consolidating trips, and maintaining the speed limit.

The California Energy Commission's web site has consumer gasoline saving tips at:

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