For immediate release: August 17, 1999
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Energy Commission Approves
New Power Plant in Pittsburg

Sacramento - By a vote of 4-0, the California Energy Commission today approved the $300 million, 500-megawatt Pittsburg District Energy Facility (PDEF). The facility becomes the second in a new generation of proposed cleaner, more efficient, high-technology California power plants approved following the restructuring of the electricity industry.

The first such electricity generation plant, the 500-megawatt Sutter Power Project near Yuba City, was approved by the Commission in April 1999.

The Commission action gives the Enron Corporation a final go-ahead to construct and operate a natural gas-fueled, combined cycle electric generation facility on a 12-acre site on East Third Street, west of the intersection of East Third and Columbia in the City of Pittsburg, in eastern Contra Costa County.

The site is on the northwest corner of property owned by USS-Posco Industries, and the Pittsburg District Energy Facility will provide process steam to the adjacent USS-Posco steel plant. Electrical energy produced will be sold to California's regional power pool and other electricity consumers. Enron expects to start producing electricity in the spring of 2001.

The Energy Commission's Pittsburg facility Committee is comprised of Vice Chair David A. Rohy, Presiding Member, and Michal (spelled correctly) C. Moore, Associate Member.

In its proposed decision on the project, the Committee reviewed all aspects of the project, including environmental impacts, public health and safety, air quality, hazardous materials, recycled water sources, and engineering alternatives.

Applications for Certification for nine other power projects have been filed with the Energy Commission. The projects are listed here alphabetically, along with the cities or counties in which they are to be located and the anticipated size and cost of each facility.

The Commission's Web Site provides information on all these projects at:

The Energy Commission has exclusive jurisdiction to certify sites and related facilities for thermal power plants in California that generate 50 megawatts or more of electricity. The Commission's review process includes a comprehensive and objective analysis of all issues including but not limited to public health and safety, air quality, hazardous materials, environmental impacts, engineering design and need. This process fulfills the obligations of the California Environmental Quality Act.

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