For immediate release: September 8, 1999
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Electric Vehicles Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Sacramento -- The Energy Commission and the Mobile Source Reduction Review Committee are joining forces to demonstrate Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs).

NEVs are specifically designed for neighborhood errands and non-highway commutes and for use in such controlled locations as college campuses and retirement communities.

Studies have shown that 75 percent of all travel in California is done in a single occupant vehicle for trips of less than 25 miles a day. NEVs can be an efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles.

The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Program seeks to reduce air pollution and dependence on petroleum fuel. It will showcase the benefits these specific use vehicles can offer California drivers. Funds of up to $400,000 are available for NEV demonstration programs throughout the State.

The Energy Commission, along with the Mobile Source Reduction Review Committee, which is composed of locally elected officials in the greater Los Angeles area, will select qualified proposals.

For more information about this new program, visit the Commission's Web Site at:

or contact: Peter L. Villanueva, California Energy Commission, (916) 657-4353. The deadline for submitting proposals is no later than 5 p.m. on September 27, 1999.

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