For immediate release: September 30, 1999
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California Energy Commission
Lands a Spot on 'Best of the Net' List

Sacramento - With millions of web sites available on the Internet, even the most computer savvy users agree that finding the most useful, educational and worthwhile of these can be very time-consuming.

Many parents and educators are also concerned about allowing children to search the net without supervision.

Still other users in homes and schools have found themselves asking just what should they do now that they have Internet access.

"Best Web Sites for Kids 2000" by Jessica H.G. Schroeter now offers teachers and parents a guide to what this author sees as "... some of the best sites on the internet for kids."

Among Schroeter's 265 recommendations on safe, informative and entertaining sites is Energy Quest, the California Energy Commission's educational web site at:

Energy Quest offers comprehensive information about energy conservation and environmental issues for both the novice and the seasoned buff. Parents, teachers and students will find a wealth of science facts woven throughout entertaining games, activities, and projects.

Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director of the Energy Commission, said, "It's a distinct honor to have Energy Quest singled out from among millions of web sites that offer information on almost every imaginable topic."

"Schroeter's new book places the Commission's web site in the company of educational icons such as the online children's versions of TIME Magazine and National Geographic," said Chandler.

According to "The Best Web Sites for Kids 2000", Energy Quest will "... lure kids into entertaining games, activities, and projects, all packed with science facts."

For example, are you interested in what you can do in your daily life to conserve energy? Need help with a Science Fair Project? Energy Quest can show parents, teachers or students "how to" build a lemon-powered battery or calculate just how much energy there is in a peanut. Along with projects, Energy Quest offers users:

"Here at the Energy Commission, we believe science-wise children are our future. Their energy is a great match for our web site, Energy Quest," said Assistant Executive Director Chandler.


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