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Energy Conference Highlights China's
Energy Needs & Business Opportunities for U.S. Firms


The three-day China Energy Conference and Exhibition sponsored by the California Energy Commission. Event serves as venue for over 120 Chinese energy decision makers to meet one-on-one with representatives of California and U.S. energy companies seeking overseas business opportunities.

The Chinese delegation is by far the biggest of its kind to visit the United States this year.

WHEN: 9.a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday, November 1, 1999
(Welcome ceremonies and opening sessions)
WHERE: Hyatt Regency, Irvine, California

The Chinese participants — mostly executives with authority over energy project installations and commercial and industrial buildings — are looking for ways to make their facilities energy efficient, reduce air pollution and explore options for electricity production.

The conference offers a unique opportunity for the visitors and California energy business executives to exchange ideas to start projects and do business in China’s energy market.

Chinese energy production has increased rapidly, but still falls considerably short of demand. Available energy is sufficient to run less than 80 percent of installed industrial capacity. Currently, coal provides for 70 percent of China’s energy consumption.


Scheduled speakers are executives of California companies currently doing business and seeking opportunities in China, and government officials led by Energy Commission Chairman William J. Keese, Energy Commissioner Robert Laurie and representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy.

For further information about the conference and the Energy Commission’s Energy Technology Export Program, contact Tim Olson at 949-975-1234.


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