For immediate release: March 24, 2000
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Energy Commission Begins Review Process
of Proposed Blythe Energy Power Plant

Sacramento -- With a unanimous vote, the California Energy Commission has begun its formal review process of a proposed 520-megawatt power plant that would be constructed and operated in the City of Blythe, California.

The Blythe Energy Power Plant would be a base-load, combined-cycle generating facility. As proposed by Blythe Energy, LLC, the project is expected to cost $250 million.

The Commission's vote marks the start of a 12-month-long review process. Some of the issues examined include public health and safety, air quality, hazardous materials, environmental impacts and engineering design. Public input is a key element in each phase of the Commission review of power plant proposals.

The Energy Commission has exclusive jurisdiction to certify or deny certification for the location and related facilities for thermal power plants in California that generate 50 megawatts or more of electricity.

In a related action, the Energy Commission designated Chairman William J. Keese, Presiding Member of the Blythe Energy Facility Siting Committee. Commissioner Robert A. Laurie serves as Associate Member.

Additional information about the Blythe Energy Power Plant proposal is available from the Commission's Web Site at:

New State Power Plant Update

The Energy Commission has approved four power projects since the State's electricity market was restructured in March 1997. These power plants include the Delta Energy Center, an 880-megawatt project in Pittsburg; a 500-megawatt Sutter County project; the 500-megawatt Los Medanos Energy Center (formerly known as the Pittsburg District Energy Facility); and the 1,048-megawatt La Paloma generating facility in the McKittrick area of Kern County.

Power plant proposals under consideration by the Energy Commission include the following, listed with the cities or counties in which they would be built, along with anticipated size and cost of each facility.

The Commission's Web Site provides information on these projects at:

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