For immediate release: April 5, 2000
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Conference Tackles Financing
Of Energy Projects Overseas

A conference focusing on the financing of small and mid-size energy projects in Asia, Latin America and other overseas markets will be held in Long Beach, California, on May 8, 2000.

According to the World Bank, the international marketplace offers $125 billion in potential energy trade. Currently, there is a demand overseas for projects in power generation and cogeneration, energy efficiency and other energy projects requiring less than $100 million each in investments. Most commercial banks and investors have limited experience with small energy projects in international markets.

At the conference, participants can develop business relationships and identify financing partners from a specialized group of equity fund investors, multilateral development banks and commercial banks that finance small and mid-size energy projects worldwide. Project developers will speak about their efforts to complete successful projects and avoid pitfalls.

Speakers include project proponents who have successfully developed overseas projects such as wind power facilities in Greece, cogeneration power plants in China and Thailand and energy efficiency improvements in Asia and Latin America.

The conference is sponsored by the Technology Export Program of the California Energy Commission. Since 1988, the program has helped spur several hundred million dollars in energy export sales from California.

For information on how to attend the conference at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, call Tambu Kisoki at 916-654-4719, or e-mail him at You can also phone Brenda Sturdevant at 916-654-4708, or e-mail her at You can also log on to the Energy Commission's Web Site at:


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