For immediate release: May 4, 2000
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Energy Commission Loans
to Cut Energy Costs Top $9 Million

Sacramento - Since January 1, 2000, the California Energy Commission has loaned more than $9 million to school districts and cities around the State that are seeking to cut their energy bills.

The total represents 14 loans for projects that will reduce the energy bills paid by California taxpayers by a total of $1.19 million a year. These energy improvements will save the State 5.2 megawatts of electricity each year, enough to supply the needs of 5,200 typical California homes.

"In the 25-year history of the Energy Commission, this is the largest amount we have ever loaned in one year," said Commissioner Robert Pernell. "There are no drawbacks to loans like these. Repayment comes from the energy savings the projects generate, and the savings continue for years to come. By encouraging energy efficiency, we help to protect the State's electricity supply, even as we cut waste and make better use of taxpayer money."

Loans approved this year range in size from a group of loans made to the Los Angeles Unified School District totaling nearly $5 million, to a $90,000 loan approved yesterday for the Romoland Elementary School District in the small Riverside County town of Homeland.

In California schools, the loans will help replace outdated lighting fixtures, upgrade heating and air conditioning systems, and install modern control systems that turn off lights when they're not needed and allow heaters and air conditioners to work more efficiently.

In the City of Fontana, the funds will help retrofit existing green and red incandescent traffic signals with high efficiency light emitting diode (LED) lamps.

Here is the list of this year's loan recipients, along with their loan amounts:


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