For immediate release: May 17, 2000
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Plants Proposed for San Bernardino, Contra Costa Counties

Two New Electrical Generation Proposals
Begin Energy Commission's Review Process

Sacramento -- In separate actions, the California Energy Commission today unanimously voted to begin reviewing plans to construct and operate two power plants, one near San Bernardino, in San Bernardino County; and one in Contra Costa County, near the City of Antioch.

The Mountainview Power Company, LLC, proposes to construct and operate a 1056-megawatt, natural gas-fired, combined cycle power plant in Southern California. The $600 million project would be located on a 16.3-acre site at the northeast corner of San Bernardino Avenue and Mountainview Avenue, in an unincorporated section of San Bernardino County.

The Commission's vote also starts the review process for Northern California's Contra Costa Power Plant Project, a 530-megawatt, natural gas-fired, combined cycle, combustion turbine power plant located within the existing Contra Costa Power Plant complex in Contra Costa County, north of the City of Antioch.

Both actions mark the start of a 12-month process during which the Energy Commission ensures that the review of these projects will comply with provisions of the Warren-Alquist Act and the California Environmental Quality Act. Some of the issues examined include public health and safety, air quality, hazardous materials, environmental impacts and engineering design. The Energy Commission will be seeking public input during the review process.

In related actions, the Energy Commission designated Commissioner Michal (spelled correctly) C. Moore as Presiding Member of the Mountainview Power Plant Project Review Committee. Commissioner Robert Pernell will serve as Associate Member.

For the Contra Costa (Antioch) Power Plant Project, Energy Commission Chairman William J. Keese will serve as Presiding Member, with Commissioner Moore assisting as Associate Member.

During the certification process, the Committee is responsible for overseeing all hearings and related proceedings on the proposed facility. Once the review process is complete, the Committee will formulate formal recommendations for other Commissioners to consider before a final action is taken at a full hearing of the Energy Commission.

The Energy Commission has jurisdiction to certify the site and related facilities for thermal power plants in California that generate more than 50 megawatts of electricity.

The Energy Commission's Web Site provides information on the proposed projects at:

Mountainview Power Project:

Contra Costa Power Project:

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