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Fuel-Saving Tips to Stretch
Your Vacation Budget

'Getting there' should be half the fun -- not the expense -- of this year's vacation get-away

While this spring's gasoline price spikes irked drivers from Crescent City to San Diego, state experts offered quick assurance that California's tourism trade would probably go unscathed by increased fuel prices.

In fact, vacation trips in California during the peak summer months are forecasted to increase 3.6 percent over last summer, outpacing the nation which is expected to see a 3.3 percent increase.

Small wonder. California's reputation as a tourist destination reaches around the world. The State offers vacation and business travelers an unequalled array of world-class sights and sounds. An intricate network of more than 175,000 miles of streets, highways and roads provides millions of visitors a year with convenient access to the state's natural and man-made attractions, such as Yosemite National Park and Disneyland.

It's a transportation system so good, in fact, that in 1999, Californians used more than 14.5 billion gallons of gasoline to take advantage of such world-class attractions.

As Memorial Day approaches and the Summer 2000 vacation season begins, the California Energy Commission and the California Division of Tourism encourage drivers to assess how gas conservation methods can help them get the most out of their vacation budgets and help preserve the State's environment for generations to come.

While the foremost expenditure for tourists is usually lodging, gasoline prices can be a sizeable consideration for automobile travelers. This list of gasoline saving tips from the Energy Commission and the Division of Tourism will help vacationers learn a few simple steps to control their fuel costs.

Fuel-Saving Tips for the Vacation Season

Most travelers would probably prefer to spend those hard earned vacation dollars on good food, better lodging or entertainment than on wasted gasoline. For this reason, the California Energy Commission and the California Division of Tourism jointly offer the following fuel savings tips.

Note to Radio Editors: Fuel-saving tips are also available on an broadcast actuality telephone line activated for the Memorial Day start of this year's vacation season. The line can be reached by calling 916-654-5018.

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