For immediate release: August 11, 2000
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Energy Commission Votes to Begin
Review of Nueva Azalea Power Plant Proposal

With a 4 - 0 vote at the Business Meeting on August 9, 2000, the California Energy Commission has begun the formal review process for construction and operation of the Nueva Azalea Power Plant Project. The proposed project will be a 550 megawatt, natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant on a 13.5 acre site in the City of South Gate, a southeast suburb of the City of Los Angeles.

The proposed power plant and its ancillary facilities, owned by Sunlaw Cogeneration Partners, would produce electricity to be sold through direct sales agreements and in the spot market through the California Power Exchange.

The Commission vote marks the start of a 12 month review process. Some of the issues examined over the course of this project include public health and safety, air quality, hazardous materials, environmental impacts, environmental justice, and engineering design. Public input is a key element in each phase of the Commission review process.

The California Energy Commission has exclusive jurisdiction to certify or deny certification for the location and related facilities for thermal power plants in California that generate 50 megawatts or more of electricity.

If approved, the Nueva Azalea Power Plant Project would contain two power "islands," an electrical switchyard, administrative buildings, chemical storage areas, cooling towers and other support facilities. Natural gas for the project will be supplied to the project by a new one-mile long pipeline. Reclaimed water and groundwater will be used for the plant cooling towers. The project applicant has proposed approval to install 1000 feet of 230 kilovolt transmission lines with an interconnect at the Southern California Edison substation.

The project is estimated to have a capital cost of approximately $256 million. If approved, Cogeneration Partners plan to begin construction in late 2001 and start operation of the combined cycle unit in June 2003. During construction, the project will provide 391 construction jobs with a permanent workforce of approximately 33 people.

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