For immediate release: September 12, 2000
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Energy Commission's Keese Elected
to Head National Energy Group

California Energy Commission Chairman William J. Keese was elected Sunday to head the National Association of State Energy Officers (NASEO) at the start of the group's four-day annual meeting in Redondo Beach, California.

Mr. Keese was previously vice chair of the association that is composed of officials from the state and territory energy offices and affiliates from the private and public sectors. He takes over the chairmanship from Commissioner Richard P. Sedano of the Vermont Department of Public Service.

NASEO serves as the state energy officials' influential Washington voice on national energy issues, informing the White House, Congress, and regional and national organizations about the specific energy priorities and concerns of the states and territories.

The Alexandria, Virginia-based NASEO holds meetings and forums that discuss important energy issues with both regional and national implications.

Speaking to delegates after his election, Chairman Keese stressed a nationwide approach in tackling energy issues such as "high energy prices, scarcity of supply and threats to the environment."

Mr. Keese said these same issues the California Energy Commission faced when it was created 25 years ago are back, although they are no longer confined to "one state or region, but are inextricably linked and interwoven throughout the entire country."

The new chairman said NASEO "can serve as an effective means to advance (the states') shared goals" of creating more energy supplies and making stronger pitches for energy conservation and demand responsiveness.

Elected with Mr. Keese were: John F. Nunley III, Director, Wyoming Energy Program, Vice Chair; Frederick Hoover, Director, Maryland Energy Administration, Treasurer; and Sara Ward, Office Chief, Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency, Secretary.

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