For immediate release: November 15, 2000
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A 'Fast Track' Approach Designed for
Environmentally-Advanced Power Projects

Energy Commission Adopts Six-Month Licensing Regulations
For California Power Plant Proposals

Sacramento -- By a 4 to 0 vote, California Energy Commission today adopted emergency regulations to implement California's new six-month power plant licensing process. These new regulations establish an expedited review process to enable certain types of power plants to be licensed and come on-line more quickly in California.

Assembly Bill 970, the California Energy Security and Reliability Act signed by Governor Gray Davis on September 6, 2000, directs the Commission to design a new six-month process to review and approve applications for thermal power plants and related facilities that meet specific criteria. It also gives the Energy Commission authority to adopt emergency regulations to implement that process.

The new regulations specify what information needs to be contained in a power plant application and describes the procedural details of the new six-month process. The rules provide the details of a "fast track" process that encourages power projects that will cause no unmitigated, significant environmental impacts, that will comply with all applicable regulations, and are compatible with the State's electricity system.

Robert A. Laurie, Energy Commissioner and Presiding Member of the Energy Facility Siting and Environmental Committee, says, "The new regulations were developed with the benefit of extensive participation from industry professionals including power project developers, municipal utility associations, consultants, and members of the public.

"I am pleased that the six-month power plant licensing regulations offer a very balanced solution to the California's commitment to an environmentally-sound, economically-workable energy future," said Laurie.

Electrical generation projects that will qualify for this process are typically those that:

The "fast track" power plant siting process will:

The new power plant licensing regulations are on the Energy Commission's Web Site at:

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