For immediate release: November 16, 2000
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California Energy Commission Update:
California Gasoline & Diesel Supplies

Sacramento -- The average retail price of regular gasoline dropped another cent in California over the past week, continuing a slow, 10-week decline from this year's record-setting average price of $1.85 a gallon.

For the week ending November 13, 2000, California reformulated regular gasoline sold on average for $1.78 a gallon.

Alaskan crude oil, which had been selling just above the $31 mark for several weeks, climbed into the $33 price range this week. Yesterday, Alaskan crude sold for $33.97 a barrel, mirroring the price increase of most domestic crude oil supplies. The record high price for Alaskan crude was $35.61, reached in September of this year.

Production of CARB gasoline was up nearly 12 percent from the previous week. For the week ending November 10, 2000, production averaged 866,400 barrels a day.

Diesel Fuel

Statewide diesel prices dropped in most of the State during the past week. On November 13, 2000, the average retail price of CARB diesel in the northern part of California was $1.91 a gallon, five cents cheaper than a week ago. Truck stops in Central California reported average per-gallon prices of $1.85, off four cents in the past week.

In Southern California, however, tighter supplies caused diesel prices to increase two cents this week, to $1.92 a gallon.

For the week ending November 10, 2000, refineries produced an average of 185,600 barrels of Reformulated Diesel a day. Low diesel inventories have been slowly improving until they are now only two percent lower than they were last year at this time.

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