For immediate release: December 20, 2000
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Adding Megawatts and Cutting Energy Use

The California Energy Commission is attacking the state's electricity problems in two major ways - by increasing the amount of power made available by new power plants and by decreasing demand through energy efficiency.

We are sending you three press releases that explain in detail steps taken today by the Energy Commission in its Business meeting. Here is a quick summary of today's actions.

Increasing supply

At today's Business meeting, the Energy Commission approved its ninth power plant - power plants that, when completed, will add a total of 6,278 megawatts to the State's power grid. Another 13 power plants promising 6,505 megawatts are already in the Commission's licensing process, and three additional power plants are expected to be filed before the end of 2000.

"The process for licensing power plants in California is working at full speed," said Energy Commission Chairman William Keese. "We have approved enough megawatts to give California a reasonable cushion over present demand. Now we must assure that these plants and a substantial number of those in the process are built - and quickly."

Decreasing demand

By June 2001, the State hopes to cut energy use by 200 megawatts - enough energy to power 200,000 average California homes.

California plans to save 50 megawatts of that power through increased energy efficiency in state buildings and at state universities. To that end, these contracts were approved at the December 20, 2000, Commission Business Meeting:

Facility Funding Peak Demand Reduction
California State University $1,828,975 40.0 MW
University of California $421,025 1.5 MW
Department of Corrections $500,000 20.0 MW
Department of General Services $3,250,000 25.0 MW
California State University/
University of California through
Dian Grueneich Advocates
$750,000 30.0 MW
SUBTOTAL $6,750,000 116.5 MW

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