For immediate release: February 9, 2001
Media Contact: Claudia Chandler -- 916 654-4989

Peak Load Reduction Program Now in Full Swing

Sacramento -- Simple changes are under way to save California much needed electricity in times of peak use -- thanks to a load reduction program managed by the California Energy Commission.

Entrusted by State lawmakers with $50 million in funding under Assembly Bill 970, the program aims to shave off 161 megawatts of peak load by June 1, 2001. Overall electricity use reduction from the program is expected at more than 220 megawatts. A megawatt is roughly enough juice to light up 1,000 California homes.

As of February 9, 2001, the project's six components have earmarked nearly all of the money needed to free up electricity from the overburdened grid during crunch times, especially in hot summer weekday afternoons.

Further information on the various stages of the peak load reduction program can be accessed on the Internet at:

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