For immediate release: March 7, 2001
Media Contact: Rob Schlichting -- 916 654-4989

Energy Commission Approves Peaker
Power Plant at San Francisco Airport

Sacramento -- By a vote of 4-0 at today's Business Meeting, the California Energy Commission approved the United Golden Gate Power Project, a 51-megawatt simple cycle power plant proposed for construction at the San Francisco International Airport in San Mateo County.

The project is designed to provide peaking power for sale on the open market to the San Francisco peninsula transmission corridor for up to three years, beginning in August 2001. Owned by El Paso Merchant Energy, it will operate under a contract with the California Independent System Operator that calls for the facility to supply electricity during times of peak summer and winter demand.

The new peaker plant will be located next to a cogeneration power plant already in operation at the airport. It will use existing connections at the cogeneration facility for its supply of natural gas, transmission interconnection, water supply and sanitary waste system.

The United Golden Gate Power Project was the first project accepted for review under a new law signed by Governor Gray Davis on September 6, 2000. The new law expedited the review of applications for temporary power plants that could come "on-line" more quickly in California.

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