For immediate release: March 27, 2001
Media Contact: Rob Schlichting -- (916) 654-4989

Two new peaker power plants proposed for Colton area

Sacramento -- The California Energy Commission has received proposals to construct two power plants in San Bernardino County to provide electricity at peak use times this summer.

Commission staff is currently reviewing both applications to determine if they contain enough information to begin an expedited siting process that could approve the plants in as quickly as 21 days.

Alliance Colton LLC proposes to construct the two "peaker" plants at existing electrical substations within the City of Colton. Each project would be a distributed generation facility producing 40 megawatts of electricity by using four, 10-megawatt, simple-cycle gas turbine generators.

The Drews Project would be built at the Drews Substation, 559 South Pepper Avenue; the Century Project would be located at the Century Substation, 661 South Cooley Drive. Both generating units are almost entirely prepackaged at the factory and can be shipped to the sites on skids where minimal field construction is required.

Governor Davis directed the Energy Commission to use its emergency power plant permitting authority to permit new peaking and renewable power plants that can be on-line by September 30, 2001. The emergency permitting authority extended to peaker projects less than 50 megawatts that have ISO contracts. Peaker power plants are generators that can be constructed in a relatively small area and can readily connect to the existing electricity transmission and natural gas system.

Once the Colton-based projects are accepted as data complete, the Energy Commission plans to expedite the licensing process under its emergency process to approve projects in as soon as 21 days. The Energy Commission review of the proposed projects will include site tours and informational hearings in the City of Colton.

Websites for the plants are at:

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