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Millions in Rebates Available To Consumers During Eight-Day Statewide Effort


The State of California's Flex Your Power campaign has joined forces with appliance retailers throughout the state to encourage consumers to purchase energy efficient appliances that bear the ENERGY STAR® label.

From August 11th through the 18th, more than 580 appliance stores throughout California are participating in a massive statewide effort to encourage residents to give up their old inefficient appliance for a newer, energy efficient refrigerator, clothes washer, room air conditioner or dishwasher.

"Californians are conserving in record numbers. We are the most electricity-efficient state in the nation but we can do more," said Governor Davis, who proclaimed the coming week "Energy Efficient Appliance Week" in California. "This is a massive push by nearly 600 retailers across this state to encourage consumers to purchase energy-efficient appliances."

The rebate program is a part of the state's Flex Your Power campaign, which has proved to be the most sweeping conservation campaign ever undertaken by a state. Over $850 million in new energy conservation and efficiency initiatives were appropriated in SB 5X and AB 29X legislation to augment existing programs administered by the state and its utilities.

"The Flex Your Power campaign is not only about energy conservation, but encouraging Californians to use energy efficient appliances that reduce consumption and lowers their energy bill," said Wally McGuire, coordinator of the Flex Your Power effort. "If only half the households in California replaced their 10-year old refrigerator with a new Energy Star® qualifying model, we'd save enough energy to power California for 11 days."

Hundreds of thousands of residents throughout the state are expected to take part in the Appliance Week program, earning millions of dollars in rebates and in some cases, special financial incentives offered by a number of large and independent retailers stores when an ENERGY STAR® labeled appliance is purchased. Residents can earn a rebate of $100-$200 for an ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerator, $50-$100 for an ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwasher, $75-$200 for a clothes washer, and $50-$100 for a room air conditioner.

"This week shows the role that Energy Star qualified appliances can play in the energy future of this country," said Kathleen Hogan, Energy Star Division Director for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. "Californians are showing us all how to conserve and rise to the challenges of an energy crisis. Through this week and summer, Californians are also demonstrating a commitment to the future by reaching for lasting efficiency, savings, and clean air through the purchase of Energy Star labeled products."

Compared to a 10-year-old model, an ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerator can save as much as 407kWh, resulting in a savings of as much as $55 each year. For clothes washers, the savings are even larger. Replacing a 10-year-old washer with an ENERGY STAR® qualified model can save as much as 768kWh, reducing an electricity bill by nearly $90 annually.

Funding comes from legislation signed earlier this year by Governor Davis and from utilities and local water district programs administered through the California Public Utilities Commission. Because of the unprecedented demand for ENERGY STAR® labeled appliances this year, rebate program money is not expected to last through September.

ENERGY STAR® is the national symbol for energy efficiency and is operated jointly by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in conjunction with private and public sector partners like the State of California. Appliances must exceed minimum federal energy efficiency standards by at least 10 percent to receive an ENERGY STAR® certification.

List of participating appliance stores (Alphabetical by city, Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 26 pages, 84 kilobytes)

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