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For Immediate release: May 25, 2003
Media Contact: Chris Davis - (916) 654-4989

Energy Commission Releases Summer Power Forecast

Sacramento - The California Energy Commission has released the electricity forecast for the summer of 2003. The forecast indicates that supplies should be adequate to meet peak summer demand even with a hotter-than-normal summer. The document entitled California's 2003 Electricity Supply and Demand Balance And Five-Year Outlook can be viewed and printed from the Energy Commission website at:

(Acrobat PDF file, 8 pages, 68 kilobytes)

Among the factors behind the forecast:
  • Late season rain and snow improved the Department of Water Resources estimate of available hydroelectric generation this summer to more than 90% of normal.

  • Since the 2000-2001 electricity crisis, California has added a total of 7,730 megawatts of new generation.

  • Six new natural gas-fired power projects are coming on-line by July 31st (representing 4,270 megawatts of new power. See Editor's note.)

  • In addition to new gas-fired generation, FPL Energy has a new wind plant under construction in Solano County. The High Winds Project consists of 81 turbines, rated to produce as much as 150 megawatts for the California grid in July.

  • California has also added 30 megawatts of photovoltaic energy since 2000, with more than 600 applications for photovoltaic systems in the State's Renewable Energy Rebate Program. These projects, along with the High Winds Project and others, will help California meet the Governor's goal of having 20% of the State's electricity supplied by renewable sources by 2017.
  • *A megawatt is enough electricity to power about 1,000 homes.

    California's electricity demand grows at approximately 1,000 megawatts per year. Given the new power plant additions and energy efficiency, the State should have an adequate power supply through 2006.

  • There are 15 active power proposals in the Energy Commission's licensing process, representing 7,372 megawatts of new generation. More information about those proposed facilities is available on the Energy Commission website at:
  • www.energy.ca.gov/sitingcases/current.html

  • 6 power projects already approved by the Energy Commission are expected to generate 3,469 megawatts when they are constructed.

Media inquiries should be directed to Chris Davis at (916) 654-4989.


Editor's note: The 4,270 megawatts of natural gas-fired generation that will have come on-line between July 31, 2002 and July 31, 2003 includes the following new power plants:

  1. The 830-megawatt High Desert Power Project in Victorville.
  2. The Modesto Irrigation District's 80-megawatt Woodland II project.
  3. The Elk Hills Power Project, 500 megawatts in western Kern County.
  4. GWF Energy's 169-megawatt Tracy Peaker Project in Tracy.
  5. The combined-cycle addition to the Sunrise Power Plant Project in Kern County will add 265 megawatts.
  6. FPL Energy's Blythe Energy Power Plant Project, 520-megawatts in the city of Blythe.

More information is available on the Energy Commission website about new power plants on-line, approved and under construction at:


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