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For immediate release: June 3, 2003.
Media Contact: Claudia Chandler (916) 654-4989

Latest Reports on Gasoline,
Natural Gas Now Available on Energy Commission Website

Sacramento - As gasoline prices climbed to record highs across the State in early March, Governor Gray Davis asked the California Energy Commission to investigate escalating prices. He also called for the Energy Commission and the Public Utilities Commission to investigate sudden price "spikes" for natural gas.

Two initial reports were sent to the Governor at the end of March 2003. He also requested that the Commissions to continue monitoring the situation and report to him monthly.

The latest reports, "Causes for Gasoline and Diesel Price Increases in California" and the "Natural Gas Market Prices Monthly Update," were delivered to the GovernorŐs Office June 2, 2003. Along with the previous documents, the June updates are available on the Energy CommissionŐs website at:


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