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For immediate release: November 14, 2003
Media Contact: Chris Davis - (916) 654-4989

Inland Empire Energy Center Receives Key Recommendation

Sacramento - The Inland Empire Energy Center Power Plant Project should be licensed by the full California Energy Commission. That is the recommendation of the Committee responsible for leading the Energy Commission review of the Application For Certification. In the Presiding Member's Proposed Decision released today, the Committee finds that the project complies with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and standards.

The document states that the project will provide local economic benefits, improve reliability of the electrical grid in the Riverside area and compete favorably with older, less efficient and more polluting generators in the region.

The proposed decision for the Inland Empire Energy Center is available on the Energy Commission website at:


The Inland Empire Energy Center proposed by Calpine Corporation would be a 670-megawatt, natural gas-fired, combined-cycle power plant in Romoland, California. The plant could provide as much as 704 megawatts during periods of peak demand for electricity. The project includes a switchyard and one mile of new 500-kilovolt transmission line to the existing Southern California Edison Valley substation east of the project. The project site is bordered by McLaughlin Road to the south, San Jacinto Road to the east, Antelope Road to the west and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway to the north.

One controversial aspect of the review was the Energy Commission staff's recommendation against approval in the Final Staff Assessment. In the staff's opinion, Calpine had failed to identify 90 percent of the offsets required to mitigate the plant's emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx). In response to that concern, the proposed decision includes a Condition of Certification requiring Calpine to purchase NOx offsets through the South Coast Air Quality Management District's RECLAIM trading Credits program before building the project.

The Presiding Member's Proposed Decision is not the final decision on the Inland Empire Energy Center. The full Energy Commission must vote whether to license the facility. Before that vote scheduled for December 17, 2003 takes place, the proposed decision will be available for a 30-day review and comment period, which ends December 15, 2003

In addition, the Committee, consisting of Energy Commissioner Robert Pernell as Presiding Member and Commissioner Jim Boyd as Associate Member, will hold a public conference to solicit comments on the proposed decision on December 1, 2003. The time and details of the conference will be released in a separate notice.

Public participation is an important part of the Energy Commission's licensing process. To find out how to get involved and submit comments, contact the Energy Commission's Public Adviser, Margret Kim, toll free at (800) 822-6228, or by e-mail at:


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