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For immediate release: December 4, 2003
Media Contact: MaryAnn Costamagna - 916-654-4989

Energy Commission Releases Proposed Decision
for San Joaquin Valley Energy Center

Sacramento - An Energy Commission Siting Committee recommends the San Joaquin Energy Center (SJVEC) be approved by the full five-member Commission. The Committee responsible for the Energy Commission review of the 1,066-megawatt project released the Presiding Member's Proposed Decision today.

The proposed decision for the SJVEC project can be found on the Energy Commission's website at:


If approved, the SJVEC project would be a natural gas-fired, combined cycle, wet-cooled power plant that would consist of three combustion turbine generators. Natural gas would be delivered to the project through approximately 20 miles of new 24-inch diameter pipeline. The cooling water supply for the power plant would use reclaimed water from the Fresno-Clovis Wastewater Treatment Facility and delivered to the site through approximately 21 miles of 24-inch pipeline. The primary method for air pollution control would be based on use of a selective catalytic reactor, oxidation catalyst, and inlet air filtration.

If licensed by the Commission, SJVEC would be constructed and operated as a merchant plant, selling its output in the open market under short-, mid-, and long-term contract and operate for periods of time dictated by market demand.

The SJVEC siting committee's recommendation for approval is contingent upon certain factors, including applicant's action to free or reallocate sufficient emission reduction credits for the project within 180 days of the Commission's final decision on the project.

Today's Presiding Member's Proposed Decision is not the final decision on the SJVEC. The full Commission vote on whether to license the project is tentatively scheduled for January 7, 2004. Written comments on the proposed decision will be accepted through January 5, 2004.

Comments must be sent to:

San Joaquin Valley Energy Center
Docket #01-AFC-22
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-9
Sacramento, CA 95814

The SJVEC siting committee, consisting of Presiding Member Arthur H. Rosenfeld and Associate Member John L. Geesman, will hold a public conference on the proposed decision. The conference will be held:

December 23, 2003
Beginning at 1:30 p.m.
California Energy Commission
Hearing Room B
1516 Ninth Street
Sacramento, California
Wheelchair Accessible

Public participation is an important part of the Energy Commission's power plant licensing process. For more information on how to submit comments and participate in the process, contact the Energy Commission's Public Adviser, Margret J. Kim at (800) 822-6228 or by e-mail at:


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