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For Immediate Release: January 14, 2004
Contact: Chris Davis 916-654-4989

Large Central California Power Plant Licensed By Energy Commission

Sacramento - The California Energy Commission today licensed a large power plant proposed for Fresno County. The San Joaquin Valley Energy Center, proposed by Calpine, is the 44th power plant permitted by the Energy Commission since 1999.

Energy Commissioners approved the combined-cycle, natural gas-fired generating facility on a vote of four to zero. Three combustion-turbine generators, working in concert with three heat-recovery steam generators and a condensing-steam turbine, would produce 820 megawatts. Duct burners would give the facility the ability to produce 287 more megawatts at periods of peak demand.

Calpine estimates the capital cost of building the power plant to be $400 million to $600 million. The project would occupy 25 acres within the city of San Joaquin in Fresno County and include a 230-kilovolt switchyard. Reclaimed water from the Fresno-Clovis Wastewater Treatment Facility would cool the generating equipment. A zero-liquid discharge system would keep the cooling water from being discharged into the local sewer system.

More information on the San Joaquin Valley Energy Center is available on the Energy Commission website at:


The California Energy Commission has now licensed 44 power plants since 1999, totaling 18,399 megawatts. Twenty four of those approved plants are now in operation, producing 8,311 megawatts. With the addition of 1,229 megawatts that were permitted by local jurisdictions around the state outside the Energy Commission process, California has added 9,540 megawatts of new generation since 1999. In addition, eight projects, representing 4,212 megawatts, are in review in the Energy Commission process.

More information on Energy Commission power plant projects is available at:



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