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For Immediate Release: June 29, 2004
Contact: Chris Davis (916) 654-4989

Energy Commission Releases Preliminary Staff Assessment of
Roseville Energy Park Proposal

Sacramento - In the newly released Preliminary Staff Assessment, the staff of the California Energy Commission asks for more information about the Roseville Energy Park project in several areas, as well as more air quality mitigation.

The Preliminary Staff Assessment for the Roseville Energy Park project is available on the Energy Commission website at:


The Energy Commission staff will hold a public workshop in July to gather information to finish its analysis of the project and to receive public comments on the Preliminary Staff Assessment. The complete analysis will then be published in a Final Staff Assessment, which will also include the staff's recommendation of whether the project complies with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and standards and could be licensed.

In the area of air quality, the staff has identified a need for increased emission reduction credits to mitigate the potential impacts of the proposed power plant's releases of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), sulfur oxide (SOx), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and a strategy to fully offset the emissions of particulate matter of less than 10 microns in size (PM 10).

In the area of Biological Resources, the Energy Commission staff asks for the information that would allow the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to issue a Biological Opinion on the project's impact on effected wetlands. The staff is also requesting information to determine whether any Native American sacred sites would be impacted by the project as well as measures to counter any negative visual impacts the power plant might pose when the West Roseville area is developed.

In all other technical areas, the Energy Commission staff finds the project would cause no significant impacts to the environment, public health and safety or the transmission system, if the suggested conditions of certification are implemented.

The Roseville Energy Park is a proposal of the city of Roseville's electric department, doing business as Roseville Electric. The project includes a natural gas-fired, combined-cycle power plant that could produce up to 160 megawatts during periods of peak summertime demand for electricity. The project site is 40 acres adjacent to the Pleasant Grove Waste Water Treatment Plant within the city of Roseville.

Roseville Electric expects to spend $100 million to $130 million to build the power plant, which is expected to replace a portion of its electricity purchases, stabilize rates and voltage, and help the utility achieve some independence from energy market fluctuations.

More information on the proposal is available on the Energy Comission website at:


Public involvement is an important part of the Energy Commission power plant licensing process. To find out how to participate in the case and receive notices, contact the Commission's Public Adviser, Margret J. Kim, at (916) 654-4489, (800) 822-6228, or by e-mail at:


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