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For Immediate Release: August 3, 2004
Contact: Chris Davis (916) 654-4989

Energy Commission Licenses Morro Bay Replacement Power Plant Project

Sacramento - On a vote of five to zero, the California Energy Commission today approved the Application For Certification for the Morro Bay Power Plant Project. Today's Energy Commission decision is contingent upon, and will incorporate provisions of, the water permit to be issued by the regional water quality control board.

The Final Decision on the Morro Bay Power Plant Project will be available on the Energy Commission website at:


The Morro Bay re-power project is a proposal from Duke Energy Morro Bay, LLC. The project would replace the old, inefficient Morro Bay Power Plant with a modern, efficient, combined-cycle facility that would be located just north of the existing plant. The project would result in approximately 20% more generating capacity - from 1,002 to 1,200 megawatts - while using approximately 30% less natural gas to produce each megawatt. Of the 1,200 megawatts that would be produced by the new facility, 200 megawatts would be available on short notice for peaking power during periods of intense demand for electricity.

The current Morro Bay plant has been used very little in the past two years due to its inefficient 1950's and 60's technology. However, the megawatts from a more efficient facility at the same location could become a positive addition to the California grid.

Since deregulation occurred in 1996, the Energy Commisson has licensed 50 power plants totaling 21,340 megawatts. Twenty four of those plants are in operation, producing 8,311 megawatts. In addition, 6 projects, representing 1,691 megawatts, remain active in the Energy Commission review process.

More information on Energy Commission power plant projects is available at:


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