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For Immediate Release: February 14, 2005
Contact: Claudia Chandler - (916) 654-4989

Energy Commission Issues Natural Gas Assessment

Sacramento - Sacramento The California Energy Commission today issued The Natural Gas Assessment Update a report identifying Californias natural gas demand and dependence.

The report offers an assessment on Californias demand and existing and new supply sources to meet that demand. It also addresses the growing competition for natural gas supplies and rising prices that directly impact Californias economy.

As California constructs new power plants and new homes to meet our growing population, natural gas demand will continue to grow, commented Energy Commission Chairman William Keese.

California is the tenth largest consumer of natural gas in the world. The state imports 84 percent of its supply for use in its commercial, industrial, residential and electricity generation sectors. Domestic natural gas prices are high and are projected to increase as natural gas becomes the preferred fuel and North American demand outstrips supplies.

Californias energy policy focuses on using energy more efficiently, diversifying our resources, and investing in the states energy infrastructure to ensure reliable supplies of electricity at reasonable prices. The Energy Commissions 2005 Energy Report will update the natural gas demand and supply outlook for California and the Western States. The Energy Report will be published in November 2005.

The Natural Gas Assessment Update is available at the Energy Commissions web site:

Map of Sources of California's Natural Gas Supplies

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