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For Immediate Release: July 6, 2005
Media Contact: Chris Davis - 916-654-4989

Additional Generation Available To Southern California

Sacramento - The California Energy Commission announced today that 500 megawatts of additional generation is now available to serve Southern California. The completion of the second phase of Calpines Pastoria Energy Center brings the total capacity at the facility to 750 megawatts. The first phase of the project commenced operation on May 4, 2005. The Pastoria Energy Center is located on Tejon Ranch in southern Kern County between Bakersfield and Los Angeles.

Northern California has also added 750 megawatts of new generation this year. The City of Santa Claras Donald Von Raesfeld Power Plant began producing 147 megawatts in Santa Clara in March, while Calpines 600 megawatt Metcalf Energy Center in San Jose went on-line at the end of May. Before the end of the year, nearly 2,000 megawatts of additional generation is scheduled to become available:

  • July 2005, the Kings River Conservation District Peaking Power Plant, 97 megawatts, near Malaga in Fresno County;

  • July 2005 in Southern California, the 328-megawatt Magnolia Power Project in Burbank;

  • September 2005, the 134 megawatt Malburg Generation Station in the City of Vernon, near Los Angeles;

  • November 2005, the Walnut Energy Center in Turlock, Stanislaus County, 250 megawatts;

  • The Mountainview Power Plant in San Bernardino, two phases of 528 megawatts each, November and December 2005, totaling 1,056 megawatts;

  • The 96-megawatt Riverside Energy Resource Center in two phases, November and December 2005.

All of the above power plants were licensed by the California Energy Commission. In addition, 13 power plant projects are under construction that will add a capacity of 4,867 megawatts.

Despite all of the increases, California electricity demand is growing at a pace that requires continuing efforts to ensure the lights stay on. The Governors office and State energy agencies continue to encourage energy conservation, accelerate operational dates for new generation, expand demand response, coordinate interruptibles, and accelerate renewable energy goals.

More information on Energy Commission power plant licensing cases is available on the website at:



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