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For Immediate Release: October 5, 2005
Contact: Rob Schlichting 916-654-4989

CARB gasoline production climbs to over
a million barrels a day

Sacramento - Production of CARB gasoline by California refineries increased 7.5 percent from the week before, according to the Weekly Fuels Watch Report issued today by the California Energy Commission.

During the week ending Friday, September 30, 2005, California's refineries produced an average of 1,034,571 barrels of reformulated gasoline a day, 8.8 percent more than at this time last year. The last time California refineries broke the million-barrel-a-day mark was the end of August, 2005.

The increase in production comes as California refiners begin to make the early switch to winter blends of gasoline, a move allowed by a federal government waiver following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The federal Energy Information Administration reports that the two hurricanes damaged as much as 15 percent of the nation's refinery capacity; the early move to easier-to-make winter blends should improve gasoline production.

California's more abundant gasoline output also reflects a return to full production of three Los Angeles-area refineries taken off-line by an electrical blackout September 12.

Inventories of reformulated gasoline fell 4.5 percent from the previous week, and are 26.8 percent below last year's levels.

Production of CARB diesel jumped 21.4 percent from the previous week's low figure, and showed a 50 percent increase above levels for this date a year ago. Diesel inventories rose 8.8 percent from the week before and 18 percent above last year's levels.

The entire Weekly Fuels Watch Report can be seen on the Energy Commission's website at


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