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For Immediate Release: May 8, 2006
Media Contact: Claudia Chandler - 916-654-4989

From the eternal sunshine of kids' minds - the winners
of Energy Commission's 19th energy art contest

They could be poster kids for energy consciousness, but they have gone a step farther.

Sixteen school children throughout the state have translated their ideas of cleaner, brighter energy sources into highly creative drawings. For such a feat, these young artists have been judged winners of the California Energy Commission's 2007 Energy Calendar contest.

"The words that best describe the students' artwork are innovative and compelling," said Energy Commission Assistant Executive Director Claudia Chandler. "We continue to be amazed by the level of their skill and ability to grasp the importance of renewable energy to power California, and how energy from the sun, wind, and other inexhaustible resources can help."

The winning posters touched on subjects that included a futuristic view of a world of solar cars and wind farms; a Thomas Alva Edison-like figure amazed by a light bulb made aglow by a photovoltaic panel; a Volkswagen bug fueled by biodiesel; a modern residence equipped with energy-efficient gizmos; and an old-fashioned house with a pair of towering windmills.

One of the winners said this about one infinite source of energy still to be fully tapped: "Let the sun make us run."

Because many of the 1,100 entries from grades three to eight were of high quality, the judges awarded four students with honorable mentions.

The winning art collection will illustrate the Energy Commission's 2007 Energy Calendar and will be featured on Energy Quest, the Commission's education Web site. Contestants were encouraged to visit this virtual classroom where teachers, students, and parents can learn the importance of everyday energy-saving opportunities and explore some of the word's most innovative energy technologies.

The winning drawings of the contest's 19th edition are available to be viewed and downloaded from Energy Quest at:


Corporate funding provides each student with a U.S. Savings Bond and their artwork prominently displayed on the 2006 Energy Calendar. Teachers of the winning artists will also receive a cash award for purchase of classroom materials.

Here are the winners of the 2007 Energy Art Contest:

    Elizabeth Argot, Encore Home School, Sacramento

    Ashley Gillmore, Bear River Middle School, Wheatland

    Kaitlyn Hahn, Montrose Christian Montessori School, Montrose

    Angela Hu, Miller Middle School, San Jose

    Jennifer Kim, Rosemont Middle School, La Crescenta

    Jennifer Kronk, Pacific Community Charter, Point Arena

    Julian Lenz, Big Sur Charter School, Big Sur

    Deborah Liao, Challenger Harwood School, San Jose

    Francisco Lopez, Atascadero Jr. High School, Atascadero

    Edgar Mendoza, Guadalupe Elementary, San Jose

    Abbe Rye, The Howard School, Carpinteria

    Kyoko Yamaguchi, Cupertino Middle School, Sunnyvale

Honorable Mentions:

    Eileen Lu, Studio of Arts, Cupertino

    Konner McNulty, Natoma Station Elementary, Folsom

    Ann Sun, Hyde Middle School, Cupertino

    Rebecca Zhang, Miller Middle School, San Jose

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