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For Immediate Release: June 8, 2006
Media Contact: Claudia Chandler - 916-654-4989

Bakersfield-area power plant expansion
proposed for Energy Commission approval

Sacramento - The Presiding Member's Proposed Decision (PMPD) released today recommends that the California Energy Commission approve the 160-megawatt expansion of the existing Pastoria Energy Facility near Bakersfield.

Commissioner James D. Boyd, on behalf of the Committee overseeing the project, finds that it would be "designed, constructed and operated in a manner that would protect public health and safety, promote the general welfare and preserve environmental quality."

The PMPD for the Pastoria Power Energy Facility Expansion Project is available on the Energy Commission's Web site at:


The proposed decision, reached after a 12-month process, is not final until the full Energy Commission takes a vote on the recommendation. The Commission's review of the project application began in July 2005 when it was deemed data adequate.

The expansion project, a nominal 160-MW natural gas-fired power plant, will produce electricity during "peak use" times for the Southern California market. It will be built on the Tejon Ranch, 30 miles from Bakersfield, at the same site as the existing 750-MW Pastoria Energy Facility that has been in operation since mid-2005.

If approved by the full commission, the $70-million expansion project will add one simple-cycle, natural gas-fired combustion turbine generator to the original three-unit combined cycle Pastoria facility.

Calpine Corporation, now under bankruptcy protection, is listed as the owner of the expansion project, and may sell the license before construction. Upon sale and/or transfer, the new project owner would have to petition the Energy Commission for ownership change.

The new generator will operate with Best Available Control Technology to minimize gas turbine emissions, and will be cooled by water supplied by existing pipelines from Kern County area water districts. The expansion project will treat process wastewater by using an existing zero liquid discharge system already built at the site.

An existing transmission line will convey electricity produced from the expansion project to the new Lebec Substation to Southern California Edison's (SCE's) Pastoria Substation. The expansion project is planned for operation in 2011. The PMPD states the project would be required to implement necessary upgrades to the transmission system if the anticipated upgrades planned for SCE projects higher in the queue are not completed before that date. The project owner is also required to provide an updated air emissions offset package prior to start up.

A public conference to accept comments on the proposed decision will be held on June 26, 2006. Written comments will also be accepted until July 7, 2006.

The project is tentatively scheduled to go before the full Energy Commission for a final decision on July 19, 2006.

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